We’ve been a bit busy with stuff.

Yes. I know, long overdue update.  We’ve been busy. (I know that’s no excuse) That’s the problem running a small production company, the social media aspect is the first thing to be pushed to the side.

I’m just going to churn out a long visual, run-on-sentence of a post.

1. The Cholesterol Question

Style5.tv produced and directed the animation for this episode of the Nature of Things with David Suzuki.  You can read here of how excited I was to work on this Markham Street Films Production.  It was nominated for a 2016 Canadian Screen Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Series!



2. City In Crisis

When I read the treatment, I knew I needed to produce and direct this.

Created by my buddies, Ellery Vandooyeweert and Kevin Pavlovic is this hilarious web-series centering around the most dangerous city in the world and the divorced, middle-aged man-child running its police department.  Style5.tv developed the IP and sold it to Bite On Mondo. The series did really well and engaged enough viewers to do another season!



3. The Wrong Block

Speaking of web-series, we turned The Wrong Block into one.  (Do you remember the short-film from way back?) Since it was also written by Ellery, we thought it’d be funny to merge the worlds and feature a cameo from City In Crisis’ Commissioner Jordan.


4. Johnny Physical Lives

I co-directed the animation of this documentary short-film with the talented, Miranda Quesnel.  This was some heavy subject matter featuring sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll and cancer.  It played at this years HOTDOCS.

“This heart-rending love letter from one brother to another uses animation to mythologize Jonathan’s fantasy life as punk singer Johnny Physical. After being hit on the head with a beer bottle, Jonathan was dealt a devastating diagnosis—and escape into rock star Johnny’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle becomes a vital source of energy as he fights for his life.” Angie Driscoll


5. The Trick with the Gun

We had the pleasure of producing the animation for this documentary featuring the most dangerous magic trick  of all time.

“The Trick with the Gun (on-demand on Super Channel) is a droll, casually revealing doc about what is known as the Holy Grail of magic. Fourteen people have died attempting the Bullet Catch. Houdini never even tried. What is chronicled in the program is Canadian magician Scott Hammell’s attempt to master it and perform it.” JOHN DOYLE

The trick with the Gun style5tv

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