The Cholesterol Question

I grew up watching this television series on CBC called The Nature Of Things with David Suzuki. It’s a documentary series that centers around nature and the effect that humans have on it. Back in the day, the show broke a lot of boundaries as it was one of the first mainstream programs centering around proper research and scientific evidence on a number of environmental issues.

The shows host was David Suzuki, and as I was growing up he was most prominent Asian face you saw on mainstream television. He was an award-winning scientist, bad-ass environmentalist and had always presented the science in an easily understood way.

David Suzuki was a hero of mine.

This year we got to work on The Nature of Things with David Suzuki and it was an unreal experience.

The Cholesterol Question


In September 2013, I reconnected with Michael McNamara from Markham Street Films at a TIFF party. We chatted and he told me about the cholesterol episode for TNOT, which was at an earlier development stage. I shared our  CRIME Series with him and luckily, he really dug it. After watching it, Michael had the brilliant idea to re-frame the episode like a detective story, unveiling scientific evidence piece by piece, with film-noir inspired animation. I was more than happy to oblige.

“Cholesterol not the killer it’s touted to be, documentary says”  –

“A documentary about cholesterol and the medications that regulated called statins suggests that drugs are overprescribed and unnecessary for many.”

investigation_room copy


This was an incredible experience and I can cross one more off the list.
Thank you to the brilliant and humble Michael McNamara, who directed this episode and was the beating heart behind it. Thank you to the Markham Street Films crew, Aaron Hancox, Craig Scorgie, Rod Deogrades, Ben Tavers and Judy Holm.  It was a pleasure to work with you all.

I am so proud of this episode, I hope you all watch it tonight.

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  • Thursday Oct 30th. 2014

  • @8:00pm on CBC

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“What do we really know about cholesterol? That is a mystery that filmmaker Michael McNamara aims to find out.”   –


“Get ready for a cholesterol eye-opener, Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBC-TV’s The Nature of Things. Award-winning Toronto filmmaker Michael McNamara could have many questioning their physicians and the pharmaceutical companies after catching The Cholesterol Question.”  –


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