Production Blog # 2: Breaking and Entering

We are at the tail end of our Production, and we are still in constant awe at how brazen this kid was.   Btw, he never had flown before, let alone formal flight training.  You’d think after a crash landing his first flight and narrowly escaping death, you’d kinda lay low a bit, re-examine your priorities.  You know, maybe some soul searching.

Or maybe he did that……. and that’s what led him to steal another four more planes.

I admit that he was a criminal and he was quite reckless at times, but I’ve developed a bit of admiration for him.  He had a goal, and nothing was going to stop him from getting it.

On the Production side:

It’s funny, but we still get questions on how we do our animation,  and we still get shocked reactions when we tell them that it’s mostly drawn.  Yes, we still draw.  🙂   This is a 2D production, with traditionally techniques.  We just do it on a Cintiq.

I love you Cintiq.



oh snap….Shit just got real




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