“Garage” – trailer

“Garage” – trailer

Five friends
Five musicians
One garage

Here is a trailer we created almost three years ago, for an animated series called “GARAGE”.  I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you.

Adrian and his four friends don’t quite fit in anyplace,
but THE GARAGE, where the frustrations of school,
bullies and your usual teen angst can be drowned
out with guitars, drums and vocals.

S E R I E S   S Y N O P S I S

Ever since Adrian has been able to walk, talk, and hold an electric guitar,
his one and only ambition in life is to be in a world- renowned rock band.
No feeling could possibly come close to that of being in front of thousands of adoring fans, chanting your name, hanging on to your every word, buying your t-shirts and albums like ravenous scavengers.

But first, he has to make it through high school.



Mike from Canadian Animation Resources did great little piece on it and you can find it here!  I also have to thank Jerry Beck from CartoonBrew for spreading the word and giving GARAGE the spotlight for a couple of days.

Also, thank you CATSUKA and TAAFI for reposting the video and giving Garage some much needed viewership.

Created and Directed by Sam Chou style5.tv
Produced by Chuck Gammage cganim.com
Character Designer: Seo Kim blog.instantdoodles.com/
Mix and Music by ta2music.com/