For The Lovers…

For The Lovers…
**Disclaimer** These videos contain some very gushy moments.  You have been warned! 

On a Sunny Winter Afternoon

This is the story of how Sam met his Wife.

It is about how “the Boy” met “the Girl”, fell in love and lived happily ever after.  Sam wrote it and drew to look resemble an animated children’s book/fairy tale.

On the night of their wedding, it was projected on a big screen for all of their friends and family.

Written/Drawn/Directed:  Sam Chou
Voices: Calym, Jimmy and Makayla

Alone in L.A. – the Proposal

George and Maggie had been dating for several years.  He had been thinking about proposing to her for quite some time but wanted something unique.  George wrote up a script of how they met and fell in love and came to Style5.TV for the artwork.
On Thursday June 30th, this video screened in front of Maggie and all of  her classmates.  She had no idea what she was watching!!   She was even more surprised at the end of the film, when Szu-Han George walked in that very door and proposed to her.


Thanks George, we’re so happy that I could be apart of this special occasion! I wish you both love, happiness and an amazing life together!! CONGRATS!!

Drawings by Firas Momani and Sam Chou
Voices:  Jimmy Yamashita