Fly Colt Fly : Legend of The Barefoot Bandit

Fly Colt Fly : Legend of The Barefoot Bandit

Fly Colt Fly is a feature length documentary about teenage fugitive Colton Harris-Moore, whose superhuman ability to evade capture by stealing airplanes and living in the wilderness made him the modern day folk hero of a new generation.

Fusing documentary, graphic-novel style animation, and dramatic recreations, the film contrasts the story of a real kid who fell into burglary to keep from starving with his mass media doppelgänger, The Barefoot Bandit.

While telling Colt’s larger-than-life story, this film examines how the young outlaw’s attempt to live up to his own legend became his ultimate undoing.

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    • Writer, Director:  Gray Brothers (Adam and Andrew Gray)
    • Producer: The FilmWorks (Paul Stephens and Eric Jordan)
    • Animation Director: (Sam Chou)
    • Composer: Sean Fritz