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I did what they told me NEVER to do.


Yes, I chose a book by it’s cover. I brought the book home and got half way through before before running to the computer to emphatically email the author. The book was called “CRIME” and that’s how Alix and I started talking. We clicked. We were fans of each others work and we really wanted to work on something together. Over the course of two years, we emailed/chatted, and we developed the idea for the Animated Series. After hours, we’d cut some storyboards together and I’d show her. My team and I even started animating a few scenes, which later became the trailer for the series. We got the attention of MOCAtv, and luckily for us they decided to help us finance it as a part of their YouTube Channel. A Museum financing an animated web series? That was unheard of, but we certainly weren’t complaining. We are so grateful for MOCAtv, they supported us with a Series Launch at MOCA, Q & A Panel and a packed house.


I also had the pleasure of meeting the person I had been conversing with for the last two years. This photo was taken at the MOCA Event, the day I met Alix Lambert for the first time.




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