Canuck, CRIME and TIFF 2013

First of all, we’ve moved.

We’ve moved from the from the bustling Liberty Village to the College/Bathurst area, a few steps between Kensington Market and Little Italy.
Our new location is

444 Bathurst Street.
M5T 2S6


Some of you might recognize that address. Yep, that’s the home of Smiley Guy Studios! and Smiley Guy are now under the same roof, a team-up that we’ve been talking about for a while now.

First of our collaborations is the Captain Canuck web series.   Our beloved Canadian Superhero, Captain Canuck is back.  We’ve brought him out of the woodwork and revamped him for the newer generation.  Here are the first 2 episodes!  (3 more to come by the end of the year)

Also, the CRIME project that we had developed with prolific writer/filmmaker Alix Lambert, got a web-distribution deal and we’re so happy to tell you that can now been seen on the MOCAtv web-channel.
It’s a 6 part mini-series revolving around the subject of Crime.   These are all REAL stories told by the people themselves, all in an animated form.  We had such contrasting stories from criminals to law enforcement to victims of crime, we enlisted the the help of a variety of incredible artists to help bring these stories to life.


We are also excited to tell you that the JOE LOYA:Beirut Bandit episode is Premiering at the Toronto International Film festival!   It’s playing on september 11, and 12.  Check out the listing HERE!


Alix and I will be at the festival, if you are in attendance, come and say hello!


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