New Stills – Fly Colt, Fly

Here are some new stills of the Feature Doc we are working on.  The idea was to captivate the audience and explore the darker, more mysterious side of Colt.

… broody 😉



The Rumble Reel

This is going to be a huge fight weekend.  To celebrate, we’ve cut a reel together featuring all the animated fights and ‘splosions we’ve ever done.

Caution: This contains animated violence, fighting and ‘splosions.
This is not for your mother.


Why?...because Style5.TV always enjoys a good fight. ;)


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sam Chou recently took part in an Art Show featuring artists from the Toronto animation scene.  It was held at the Gladstone Hotel and hosted by Tammy Semen and Kyle Marshall.   Congrats to another successful event, a fun time was had by ALL!

His piece was titled “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. (it was was bought by the amazing Donovan Bros. at Blame Your Brother Studios)

Here it is, in all of it’s controversy.

We are live!

Hello all and welcome to our new site!!!

Thanks for being patient with us throughout this construction phase.  The make-over was long overdue and we are so happy to be mobile-phone friendly! (although we do miss the animated Flash elements….sigh)
It’s not just a new website, but also a brand new chapter for!  After a couple of months of looking, has found a home in Liberty Village, Toronto!

If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in and say hi!

In the meantime, check our our reel!!

More to come soon….