190248-229530First TIFF, and now Sundance Film Festival! 

WOW!  We are honored and blown away by the love and support for this modest, little web-series.  Alix and I speechless.  After completing the 6 episode mini-series, we made a promise that we could never do anything like this under the same budgetary and schedule constraints.   We were simply exhausted, physically and financially.

But now we can proudly say it was worth it!

Thank you Sundance Film Festival, and a thank you to these amazing artists that helped shape the look and spirit of CRIME: The Animated Series.

Freddy Carrasco, Michelle Assarasakorn, Adam Temple, Nathan Dewey, Nick Fairhead, Firas Momani, Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen





Partners in CRIME

I did what they told me NEVER to do.


Yes, I chose a book by it’s cover. I brought the book home and got half way through before before running to the computer to emphatically email the author. The book was called “CRIME” and that’s how Alix and I started talking. We clicked. We were fans of each others work and we really wanted to work on something together. Over the course of two years, we emailed/chatted, and we developed the idea for the Animated Series. After hours, we’d cut some storyboards together and I’d show her. My team and I even started animating a few scenes, which later became the trailer for the series. We got the attention of MOCAtv, and luckily for us they decided to help us finance it as a part of their YouTube Channel. A Museum financing an animated web series? That was unheard of, but we certainly weren’t complaining. We are so grateful for MOCAtv, they supported us with a Series Launch at MOCA, Q & A Panel and a packed house.


I also had the pleasure of meeting the person I had been conversing with for the last two years. This photo was taken at the MOCA Event, the day I met Alix Lambert for the first time.




More on CRIME


Canuck, CRIME and TIFF 2013

First of all, we’ve moved.

We’ve moved from the from the bustling Liberty Village to the College/Bathurst area, a few steps between Kensington Market and Little Italy.
Our new location is

444 Bathurst Street.
M5T 2S6


Some of you might recognize that address. Yep, that’s the home of Smiley Guy Studios! and Smiley Guy are now under the same roof, a team-up that we’ve been talking about for a while now.

First of our collaborations is the Captain Canuck web series.   Our beloved Canadian Superhero, Captain Canuck is back.  We’ve brought him out of the woodwork and revamped him for the newer generation.  Here are the first 2 episodes!  (3 more to come by the end of the year)

Also, the CRIME project that we had developed with prolific writer/filmmaker Alix Lambert, got a web-distribution deal and we’re so happy to tell you that can now been seen on the MOCAtv web-channel.
It’s a 6 part mini-series revolving around the subject of Crime.   These are all REAL stories told by the people themselves, all in an animated form.  We had such contrasting stories from criminals to law enforcement to victims of crime, we enlisted the the help of a variety of incredible artists to help bring these stories to life.


We are also excited to tell you that the JOE LOYA:Beirut Bandit episode is Premiering at the Toronto International Film festival!   It’s playing on september 11, and 12.  Check out the listing HERE!


Alix and I will be at the festival, if you are in attendance, come and say hello!


2012 Year in Review: Style 5’s HIGH FIVE

It’s tough being a small studio.  We don’t get contracts from Disney or Nelvana.  We don’t have tax credits to cushion us, nor have millionaire moguls to back us.  For the most part, we are a handful of passionate artists and storytellers and we battle everyday to continue doing what we love, which is telling compelling stories through animation.  2012 was a great year, filled with little battles and little victories.
Here is our top five moments or HIGHS of the year.
Call it, the….um….. Style 5 HIGH FIVE!  (*high five)

ON TO THE TOP 5!!  (in no particular order)



We were so very excited when we were approached with an opportunity to work with  Richard Comely’s iconic Canadian Super-Hero.  All I can say right now is that the project has been quietly in development by the newly formed Captain Canuck Incorporated and the Toronto animation house, Smiley Guy Studios. Stay Tuned!!

#4. RUSH

One of this years highlights was meeting RUSH and producing an animated segment for their 2012 Concert Tour.  If you missed the concert, be sure to get their 2012 Tour DVD and check out “Family Goy”.

Yes, we partnered with Aron Dunn from Treason Media to develop an original series about a rising MMA star and his best friend/manager.

This will knock you the F out.


#2. TAAFI (Toronto Animated Arts Festival International)

Toronto had its FIRST Animation Festival and we were happy to be a part of it.  We brought our favorite artists together and produced the bumper for the inaugural festival which was featured in The National Post and MetroNews!  Looking forward to TAAFI 2013!!

#1. Fly, Colt Fly

This is an action-packed documentary about the Barefoot Bandit.  It is half live-action, half animated.  We’ve been producing the animation for the 90-minute documentary since mid 2011.  Look out for the festival tour, it’s gonna be a wild one!


It has been a great year filled with exciting projects, milestones, small hiccups and small victories.  Thank you all for your kind words, love and support!  We will continue to give you kick-ass animation and to tell compelling stories.   We have lots in store for you in 2013!!




Production Blog # 2: Breaking and Entering

We are at the tail end of our Production, and we are still in constant awe at how brazen this kid was.   Btw, he never had flown before, let alone formal flight training.  You’d think after a crash landing his first flight and narrowly escaping death, you’d kinda lay low a bit, re-examine your priorities.  You know, maybe some soul searching.

Or maybe he did that……. and that’s what led him to steal another four more planes.

I admit that he was a criminal and he was quite reckless at times, but I’ve developed a bit of admiration for him.  He had a goal, and nothing was going to stop him from getting it.

On the Production side:

It’s funny, but we still get questions on how we do our animation,  and we still get shocked reactions when we tell them that it’s mostly drawn.  Yes, we still draw.  🙂   This is a 2D production, with traditionally techniques.  We just do it on a Cintiq.

I love you Cintiq.



oh snap….Shit just got real




Captain Canuck

Just a little something to whet your appetite…


Hope to tell you more soon!

Production Blog # 1: A boy that likes to steal things…

Almost two years ago, we were approached with a very exciting project.  I can’t disclose the title yet, but I can tell you it’s a Live-action/Animated  Feature Documentary about um…a boy that likes to steal things. ( and by “things” I mean large flying locomotives.)  No, this is not fiction, this actually happened.

Anyhoo, we’ve been working pretty hard on this project and wanted to start documenting our progress and at the same time give you a sneak peak of what’s going on behind our doors.

Digitally painted Backgrounds


Some of our talented artists doing their thing.


Will show you more soon!



Phew! Now that we caught up on a bit of sleep I can finally say….WOW! What an incredible weekend!  The Toronto Animation Arts Festival (TAAFI)  launched their inaugural festival and it was a huge success, bringing in quite  an amazing crowd.  Style 5.TV contributed to the festival, creating the pre-screening bumper for the Fest.   We’ve kept this under wraps for quite a bit of time,   I’m so glad we can finally share it with you!

TAAFI Bumper 2012 from Sam Chou on Vimeo.


Thank you TAAFI for a great weekend of animation screenings, workshops, seeing old friends and making new ones!  I cannot wait for TAAFI 2013!

Here is a post I had written about our talented team.  –

and also a feature from The National Post.

 Lettie Lo
 Marko Bajic
 Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen
 Scott W. Forbes
 Seo Kim
 Sam Chou
 Andre Guindi
 Brentton Barkman
 Tabitha Fisher
 Sean Branigan
 Music/Mix/Score by Steve Gadsden
 Special Thanks to Ben McEvoy, Rich Duhaney and Barnabas Wornoff.