ANIMATIC T.O – 100 Directors Named Sam Chou

This January, Animatic T.O. invited me to the podium.  For those who don’t know, ANIMATIC T.O. is a monthly animation lecture series and social event dedicated to education, inspiration and building community in Toronto’s animation scene.  I’m grateful of the opportunity and thankful for the full house.  What a fun opportunity to share what I’ve learned through my various directing experiences in this topsy-turvy, Animation World. Also, how often do I get invited to stand up on stand and talk about myself?  😂😂😂

The focus of this lecture was to differentiate between formats.  How does a web-series differ from a commercial? What are the production challenges in feature documentary world compared to short film?  How does one adjust to the different pace of each need? Whats it like going from indie productions to big studio projects? What does it do to the creative? Here was the posting.

100 Directors named Sam Chou

“Veteran artist and director Sam Chou talks us through the challenges of constantly switching gears.
Having tackled every form of directing in animation from long format to webisode, indie to commercial, comedy to noir and broad appeal to personal, we’ll learn how he broke into directing and what it takes to be versatile and still always deliver great work.”

$10 at the door (Cheap!)

@ Gamma Space (formerly Bento Miso)
862 Richmond Street West
(west of Strachan on the north side, down the alley)

Doors 7pm
Talk Starts 7:30pm

Facebook Event Page



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